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if you want to see a large map of all our locations with markers set in alphabet order as follows, just click on the link below:


EXPERT SPED – Headquarters:
TEL: +381-11-2015-747
FAX: +381-11-3162-082
E-mail: office@expertsped.com

A: EXPERT SPED – Belgrade – /Customs Terminal/:
Adress: Carinski Terminal, Autoput BB,11070 Novi Beograd
TEL: +381-11-3164-073

B: EXPERT SPED – Belgrade – /Main Railway Station/
Savski trg 2 /Glavna železnicka stanica Beograd/
TEL: + 381-11-2641-036

C: EXPERT SPED – Belgrade – Makis – /Train Marshaling station/
Ivo Lole Ribara BB /ranžirna stanica Makiš/
TEL: + 381-64-2983-797

D: EXPERTSPED – Mladenovac – /Railway Station/
Brace Badzaka BB /železnicka stanica Mladenovac/
TEL: +381-11-8231-557

E: EXPERT SPED – Arandjelovac – /Customs Building/
Ratnih vojnih invalida bb /zgrada carine/
TEL: +381-34-6701-670

F: EXPERT SPED – Sremska Mitrovica – /Customs Building/
Jarački put BB /zgrada carine/
TEL: +381-22-615-863

Our offices in Belgrade also cover customs outposts of Airport, DHL, Post, Fair, Belgrade Port, and through the network of our own offices, associates and correspondents we cover all customs offices in the Republic of Serbia.

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