We are specialized in the most complex shipping, transportation and freight forwarding services as well as in the fields of customs brokerage and clearance, storage and warehousing.

Our core services include:

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Customs Clearance/Brokerage

Customs Clearance/Brokerage

EXPERT SPED is known for its exceptional accuracy, reliability and quality in providing customs clearance.


We offer full service to our clients:
• Declaring and storage of goods in a customs warehouse
• Customs clearance (making import / export documents, temporary import / export, inward processing, processing, re-export of goods)
• Transshipment of goods under customs supervision/ additional transit of goods
• Issuance of customs guarantees
• Obtain the required certificates (sanitary, market, veterinary, phytosanitary, certificates of approvals)
Within our network we have our customs agents and experts for external trade at your disposal.
Locations of EXPERT SPED customs offices:
•Customs Terminal Belgrade
• Belgrade Railway Station
• Makis marshalling station-Belgrade
• Mladenovac
• Arandelovac
• Sremska Mitrovica
Our offices in Belgrade also cover customs office Airport, DHL, Post, Fair, Belgrade Port, and through the network of associates and correspondents cover all customs offices in the Republic of Serbia.

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At any moment we are able to offer to our clients all types of domestic and international transportation, in cooperation with leading transport operators, regardless of the size and the quantity.

We have strict evaluation criteria when it comes to choosing partners domestically as well as worldwide. Negotiating deals for our clients’ transport of goods by road, rail, air and marine traffic, we find the optimal ratio of quality, speed, reliability and price.
Transport of goods can be organized by the “door to door” system, which means that we take your goods on your behalf, to the agreed address, regardless of whether it is transported by air, see/river or rail, and deliver it to the agreed destination.
It is understood that on behalf of our clients we do all kinds of customs related and other formalities.
We’ll allow ourselves a brief moment of immodesty to state that we often exceed the expectations of customers, because we are fully aware of how important for our customers is to have their shipment in the right place at the right time under good terms.

Groupage transport and Cargo

EXPERT SPED provides a service of groupage transport for smaller shipments that do not require the whole cargo area.
Some of the benefits of groupage transport are:
• Fast delivery
• Lower transport costs
• There is no minimum amount of goods that must be transported
• You can import or export of goods as you need, without unnecessary storage and stockpiling with lower logistics costs.

Road Transport and Cargo
Road Transport & Cargo

Road Transport & Cargo

We work with carriers throughout Serbia and worldwide, so we are able to have your road fright shipment organized in the shortest possible period of time, (either full load or a partial) to any destination, under most competitive terms.
According to your needs and circumstances, road transport can be organized either as a direct transport, combined transport (in combination with rail, air or see/river transport) or as groupage transport.
In cooperation with us, you can transport a wide range of goods, from standard cargo (palleted or non-palleted), to non-standard and special cargo.

Maritime Transport and Cargo
Maritime Transport & Cargo

Maritime Transport & Cargo

For our clients we perform various “Container Services”, in cooperation with maritime transport operators from around the world, conducting all customs formalities and assistance around the world, so that you have your goods under your control at all Transportation Centers.
General services:
• Full container transport service – FCL-Full Container Load
• Maritime transport groupage shipments – LCL-Less Than Container Load
• Transport of heavy and oversized items and vehicles – Project Cargo & Ro / Ro
• Refrigerated transport – Reefer
You can rely on our knowledge, contacts and precise procedures.

Air Transport and Cargo
Air Transport & Cargo

Air Transport & Cargo

Regardless of whether it comes to an emergency or regular shipment, according to your needs and in the shortest possible time we organize download, transport and delivery of your goods on a “door to door”, basis as a direct or combined transport, anywhere in the world.
If the pick-up place of goods is not in the city where the airport is located, we offer possibility of so called “Multimodal Transport” (load of the goods on the agreed address, transfer to the airport, unload and delivery of your goods to the warehouse at the airport).

Rail Transport and Cargo
Rail Transport & Cargo

Rail Transport & Cargo

In cooperation with the leading local and international railway authorities and operators, we offer the organization of railway transport under most competitive terms and tariffs.
Our services include:
• Organizing goods transportation in individual wagons, group of wagons and trains
• Organizing the transport of dangerous materials and special cargos
• Making of calculations for goods transportation locally and internationally
• Operational monitoring of trains
• The acquisition of wagons, for both regular and special types of cargo
• Inspection of the validity of railway bills of lading.

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Storage / Warehousing

Our customs warehouses are located in the Altina suburb, nearby the center of New Belgrade, the center of business activities, and in Mladenovac, at a100 m distance from the customs outpost.

 Warehouse meet the highest standards, have a 24-hour supervision and efficient loading and unloading facilities. We also have very good cooperation with warehouses in all customs outposts.

You can keep the goods in these warehouses under favorable conditions, giving you the ability to custom clearance of goods partially, or as it suits you at a given moment.

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These are just some of the areas where EXPERT SPED can provide you with a full consultancy service:

• Shipping /Forwarding
• Transport
• Packing and stacking of goods
• Customs procedures and documentation
• Inco-terms parities
• Control and assistance in the import and export goods to and from different parts of the world.

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