About Us

EXPERT SPED was founded in 1999 as a company that was primarily engaged in customs clearance of goods types of activities. Listening to the needs and problems of clients and the market, we have grown into a modern and capable logistics company that offers to its clients the quality and flexible solutions with unparalleled service and cutting costs.

We have branch offices in Belgrade as well as in several towns in Serbia, and expanding. Through a network of associates and correspondents, we cover all customs outposts in Serbia.

The list of our offices can be found in the section Locations

We are aware, that instead of what was previously briefly mentioned, maybe we should have presented you with our vision, mission, that were founded in the distant prehistoric times, passed through fire and ice to become what we are now, as well as with other big words, which unfortunately, usually have only declarative (read-decorative) function.

Instead, we’ll tell you the following:
We are really good at this job.

And that is why, during the presentation of what is it that we do, we have listed only general areas. Left out many, so that the list of services and clients wouldn’t take the shape and the size of the phone book, and even then we would probably forget some. We are so deeply involved in this business, and for so long, that we are really starting to forget. So, in that name, we sincerely invite you to give us a call, visit and test.

Who knows? You might surprise us.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you.